Terms & Condition

The agreement or the terms and conditions govern all use of the Print Mania.com (website site) and the services accessible on the Site (taken as one with the Site, the Service). The Services is governed and operated by Arfeen Exports (Private limited). The terms of services are offered to the users, which contain all the operating norms, procedure and policies of Arfeen Exports. Any changes in the terms of Service is made, it will be updated in the Print Mania website. If a user wants to access this Site, he or she must agree with all the norms and regulation of the site, which includes a Privacy policy, shipping Policy, return policy and others. If the users do not agree with this agreement, then do not use this Site.

Print Mania is the renowned and respectable company in the field of printing industry (ceramic coffee mugs, shirt etc).

The right of entry & partisanship :

It is quite simple and easy to be a member in Print Mania. Just need to register your information in the Print Mania site for becoming its member. A user can cancel it membership at any time. A user also has the option of opting out of promotional and marketing emails. Whether it is cancellation of membership or receiving promotional email, it can be done easily through our Print Mania site successfully.

It is solely user responsibility to keep its email id and password safe and secure. Print Mania is not liable to secure password or email id of its members. According to the rule and regulation of Print Mania, a user should not access another Print Mania account without, her or his concern.  if the user notices any breaching of its account, it is the user responsibility to contact Print Mania, without any delay. if you are found guilty of using Print Mania of another user, without her his person your membership and account will be cancelled.

We have the rights to discontinue, change or suspend the products, charges, services, fees or terms at any time. It also includes the availability of the contents or features.  Print Mania has the full right to restrict the limits on particular services and features, without any notice or liability to the users.

A user must be 18 years old to become the member of Print Mania. Then he or she is legally permitted to use Print Mania services.  It is the user responsibility, whichever the services; he or she selects and use it. Due to the prohibition of law, this agreement can be nullified. The rights to access Print Mania services revoked in such jurisdictions.

Changes in terms :

Print Mania reserves all its rights. It has the authority to modify the agreement, change the terms, fees and other policies, without concerning the users. It is the user responsibility to keep them updated occurring in the agreement. A user is notified of the acknowledgement of the new terms.

Web content and patent policy :

When any post, upload or submit images or blogs, graphics, or any other material (contents) posted in Print Mania website is subjected to copy risk. Some of the important warrants of Print Mania website are as followed below-

The owner owns all the copyright of the contents, images and other material present in the website. If you the owner you have the permission to use the content, which is displaying on the website. Reproducing and selling the content only be as Print Media products. You license Print Mania to use and sub-license the content according to this agreement:

  1. The content will not infringe upon the rights of any person, entity, or intellectual property rights, which includes right of privacy, copyrights, trademark and moral rights.
  2. Print Mania reserves all the rights of review. It has the full authorization of removing the contents from the site or cancelling your account if you found guilty of breaching the agreement policy.

This means that you are the only responsible person for the web content, which is posted, not Print Mania. The promotional content uploaded for selling the products, transmit, email or otherwise make available via the services. On the other hand, if you notice any content in Print Mania website violating your copyright policy, please send us your complaint of impeachment as soon as possible.

According to the norms of Print Mania, it will not distribute, rent or sell the content of anyone’s, without their permission. Print Mania will only sell, distribute or rent the contents to the companies, another person etc, which it has its copyrights.

Regulation for site Members :

If you breach any norms or policy of the agreement, your Print Mania is subject to suspended. If the owner refuses to remove its content, Print Mania has full authority to remove the content and to block the user account. The user also is restricted to use the site of Print Mania websites. Legal action can be also taken for the illegal activities or violating the agreement policy.

A user must provide valid and authentic information about itself before creating an account in Print Mania. It can cancel the account if the information is not true.  Some of the crucial, which is mandatory for the users, are mentioned below-

A user is liable to Print Mania for any kinds of damage or loss (not limited to sales and tax).

A user must be reimbursing loss and damages (not limited to sale tax) to Print Mania.

Print Mania has full authority to charge the user for any kind of loss and damages (not limited to sale tax).

Payment policy :

When a user is paying us through debit or credit card, the information of the user is kept confidential. When you order a product from Print Mania, a certain amount is charged from you, which can be changed from time to time. For example, when, we offer holiday sales or discounts on the products rate. We, even change our fees temporary due to promotional events, new services launched. Through the Print Mania website, you can avail all the vital information’s about fees changing, offers, discounts, and events. If you purchase goods and just click on the confirm button, you will be charged. Then you will receive an email from us.

When a user places an order from our site, you are giving the confirmation that you are legally bounded with us. You can utilize your card to pay us, without any hurdle.

We are fully authorized to prohibit the user transaction for any reason, or even refuse our services at any time. We are not answerable to anyone or the third for the reason why we stopped the transaction. Once the transaction has begun, it can be restricted. All payment fees must be paid in Indian currencies. It is mandatory for the client that all the payment, applicable tax, and fees must be associated with our service and site.

After receiving your order, you will receive the confirmation email. In that particular email goods description, goods price and ordering description will be mentioned. Vital information has and returns good policy will be mentioned in the mail.

The user must pay full payment and delivery charges before dispatching of the goods. Discounts are available for the users only in products, shipping and taxes are excluded from the tax. In the preceding month of the calendar discounts offer is introduced to the user. Our discounts offer and payment mode are subject to change. Print Mania has the sole right to cancel or change the discount offer at any time. All the changes will be updated on its website for notifying its clients.

Local cess :

It is applicable that the client is responsible for all kind of sale taxes. A client has to provide certificates (Vat, TIN, GST). So that billing of the customers is done under the case of COD.

When a user purchases the goods, the tax rate is calculated according to the retail price of the Print Mania product. Alternatively, when the retail price of the goods is unfamiliar Print Mania calculates cess rate from the Print Mania rate, includes respective goods tax cess.

Return and Shipping policy :

Once the user clicked the confirm button after purchasing goods from us. A user cannot cancel or edit its respective order; it is against our company policies. However, if you want to change your delivery address or any other detail you have to contact us as soon as possible. We are not restricted to do any kinds of modification once the order is placed. Perhaps we will try best to solve your problems if you inform us as soon as possible. Any replacement of or Loss of goods or the goods are damaged or not received are subject to the Print Mania concern and Print Mania.

If the products were delivered to the user, and then the user complaints of replacement or loss of shipments, the Print Mania would not acknowledge the complaint. Once the goods are delivered to the user, Print Mania will not resend the goods again or the client will not be the subject of money refund policy.

They are few criterions when the Print Mania will consider its client as a subject of return or replacement policy. Some of them are as followed below-

If the product is broken, or the product, which you ordered is not the same or missing then you can file a complaint. Even demand for a refund.

If printing error exists in the products, which you offered.

You have to file your complain within 15 days from the day the good delivered to the clients.

Specification of commodities :

Each product of the Print Mania is described in details and belongs to the best quality of the product. Every detail of the goods from purchasing price and its descriptions are available on the Print Mania site. A separate is a design on our website from the detailing description of the products. Images and photographs of your products (ceramic printing mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, poster, and coasters) are displayed on our site. All the copyrights of the images belong to the Arfeen Export, copying the image will lead you to the legal trouble.

We have the policy of continuous products development, thus we provide you with the best design and quality product to our clients. We reserve the right to amend the specification of goods like packaging, price or any services, without notifying the users.

Before ordering the products from us, we invite the clients to have a close look at the goods design and descriptions. We offer best quality products to our customers with creative images and descriptions. However, we cannot guarantee the colours of the products. Moreover, the details in the website images are 100% absolute representation of the products and size.

Purchase of commodities :

When, a member order goods from us, they received a confirmation email, that means your products will be delivered to you, as soon as possible. If the user did not receive the confirmation email, it will indicate that the Print Mania does not accept your order.

Print Mania under any circumstances is not liable for the damage of goods, once delivered to the user.  All the orders are placed and received exclusively from our Print Mania site. It is the user responsibility to provide a proper address, including zip code while ordering products from us. A user must provide her/his current contact number, email and delivery address. For the successful delivery of your goods, these details are mandatory for the user to submit.

The user, for ordering the goods from us, must fill all the information columns. Print Mania is not responsible if you order is not delivered due to false contact number or address.  On the other hand, if you want to change the delivery address or contact number, which you provided before. Then you have to contact Print Mania before your goods dispatch.

Delivery norms :

We deliver our products in most of India. A user has to pay extra delivery charges, additional to product price. The delivery charge varies from place to place. If you are living in the remote area and it is difficult to access your address, thus a user has to pay more delivery charges as compared to who is living in the city or town area.

The delivery charges are mentioned in the checkout page, however, you will be charged according to your delivery address (you will be charged according to the distance).

The products are shipped and packed separately. Print Mania is not liable for the delayed delivery of the goods. However, we will try the best to deliver your goods on time, without any harassment. We, also offer flat delivery offers to our user, which is updated time to time on our site. If any kinds of changes occur in the de4livery process, we try the best to contact and update you about the certain change of delivery date.

The products are delivered in the hands of the owner only, a user has to pay full payment to the delivery boy, before receiving the goods includes extra delivery charges also.

Trademark :

A trademark is a symbol that this product belongs to Print Mania Company. We reserve all the copyrights of our trademark. No one is allowed to use our trademark symbol in his or her products, without our concern. Many use the fake trademark of Print Mania in their products to deceive the users. A user must be aware of these kinds of forged and inform us, as soon as possible. This kind of acts is subject to law impeachment. If you feel that, anyone is deceiving you in the name of the Print Mania. You can inform us through our site.

Discharge :

According to the norms of Print Mania, we are not responsible for the employees, agents, subsidiaries, directors and officer’s behaviour. We are not liable for delivering the advertisement collaboration. Any damage was done by them Print Mania is not responsible for t. Henceforth; a user discharges us from any sort of claims, damages, and demand.

Laws and administration :

Print Mania always believes in cordial relationships with its clients. If any kinds of disputes occur between you and Print Mania, we humbly request you to contact us first. We, well take all possible steps to arbitration or mediation to solve the issues out of the court. In the initial stage, we believe in out of court settlement.

When a user purchases goods from our site and any dispute occurs, relating to the subject matter of formation (includes claims or non-contractual disputes). The disputes will be solved in the court only. The court will be located in the state of West Bengal only.

On the other hand, any conflict arising between the user and Print Mania related to the formation or the Agreement norms (including non-contractual conflicts or demand). All the issues will be resolved in the non-exclusive jurisdiction of West Bengal court.

Indemnity :

A user has to follow certain norms when they dealing with the Print Mania. You have to free our agents, employees, directors, officers, subsidiaries and joint ventures partner from any sort of claim or demand for damages. We are not liable to pay any kind of claims to the users of Print Mania. When you are breaching the Print Mania agreement or violating the rights of the third party or any law.

General :

No partnership, agency, employee-employer, franchiser-franchisee relationship, joint venture etc, is liable to this agreement. A user grants permission to Print Mania to access customer personal data to fulfil this agreement. If any act or provision of this agreement is considered to be unenforceable or invalid, such provision will be struck and the remaining provision will be acted upon. We may assign this agreement first notifying you.

Headings are for reference purposes only and do not limit the scope or extent of such section.  Our failure to act with respect to a breach by you or others does not waive our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches.

We do not promise that action will be taken against all the breaches of this agreement.

Print Mania is fully authorized and reserves the rights to transfer or assign this agreement or any rights or obligation under this agreement at any time.